Chocolate Tasting Events

We offer fun and informative private chocolate tasting experiences in a virtual format – customized to your preferences!

Who should you include in your indulgent chocolate tasting experience? 

For the special people in your life:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Club members
  • Community where you live

For your business contacts:

  • Employees
  • Customers 
  • Referral partners
  • Network connections

What sweet occasion are you celebrating?

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower
  • Family reunion
  • Team building
  • Just because…
Chocolate Tasting events & Corporate Chocolate Gifts

How to schedule your virtual private chocolate experience? 

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1 – Select a fun theme for your event:

  • Beer and Chocolate:  Learn what beers pair best with different types of chocolate.  Beer recommendations  will be supplied for participants to independently purchase in advance. 
  • Bourbon and Chocolate:  Experience unique pairings of the big vanilla, oak, and caramel notes of bourbon with the sweet indulgence of chocolate. Bourbon recommendations will be supplied for participants to independently purchase in advance.
  • Garden Lovers:  Taste chocolate infused with herbs and florals that might even be in your own garden.   
  • Signature Collection: Sample a variety of decadent chocolate.
  •  Single Origin Chocolate Journey:  Explore the flavors of chocolate sourced from different countries as you experience the impact of different climates, soil conditions, and the surrounding area.  It’s a chocolate experience across the world within the Cocoa Belt! 
  • Wine and Chocolate:  Discover how to pair wine with chocolate.  Wine recommendations for the tasting will be supplied for participants to independently purchase.    
  • Custom Theme:  Can’t decide?  Let’s work together to create a custom theme. 

2 – Select an entertaining and informative topic (we’re happy to guide you based on your theme):

  • The Art of Tasting Chocolate
  • Photo Journey of a Cacao Plantation in the Dominican Republic
  • The History of Chocolate: Uncover the centuries old history of the cacao bean, from the Aztecs in the ancient rainforests of South America to modern day discoveries 
  • How to Be an Educated Chocolate Consumer

3 – Select a date for your chocolate experience like no other!