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The most common business challenges are customer retention, growing your customer base, employee satisfaction, and ensuring your supply chain can supply what your business needs.  

An effective gifting program helps to strengthen your business relationships.  We offer gifting concierge services to help you start a new gifting program and offer guidance to enhance your current gifting strategy without impacting your budget.  There are many sweet ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Chocolate is a superfruit.  It’s scientifically proven that the cocoa flavanols in chocolate elevate your mood.  When you have a fun shared experience with your employees, customers, and/or referral partners, it enhances your business relationships.  Lightening the mood with laughter and chocolate can be a great way to build bonds.  We offer a variety of virtual chocolate experience tasting themes for your private event.  Gather together with those who are important to your business in an indulgent and uplifting fashion. 

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